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Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway in Melbourne

Exposed Aggregate concrete has fast become our most popular styles in decorative concrete. With its modern look, natural beauty, non-slip surface and ease of cleaning it suits all styles of homes and landscapes. It is created using special concrete mixes that combine unique aggregates which are exposed on top of the surface. With a large range of colours to chose from 1300 Driveways are the Exposed Aggregate Concrete specialists.

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What is the cost of an Exposed Aggregate driveway in Melbourne?

Starting from $110 p/sqm, Exposed Aggregate concrete has fast become one of the most popular styles in decorative concrete, with its modern look, natural beauty, non-slip surface and ease of cleaning it suits all styles of home and landscapes. It is created using special concrete mixes that combine unique aggregates which are exposed on top of the surface.

1300 Driveways specialise in Exposed Aggregate Concrete as we believe this achieves the most stunning concrete finish, and with a range of pebble mixes, your driveway will be a great feature of your home and landscaping.


Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Visually stunning


Easy to clean

Great range

Long lasting

Exposed Aggregate Concrete – Our most popular mixes from over 100 mixes

The mixes are only representative of the actual products. There may be a variation in mixes, depending on the job conditions and finishing practices utilised.


Batman Standard Black

Batquartz Standard Black

Bucchan No Colour






GWW Hometech


LB Mix


Montquartz Storm Cloud

Montrose Standard Black



Snowstone Standard White




Third 5%

WW York

Yarrabee 2% Bluestone

You Yang

A few endorsements

“Adriaan and the team were excellent, very professional And friendly. The job is well done. Very happy and satisfied with the driveway and concrete around the house as well. The drainages were well thought and done to perfection. My friends after seeing the job commented with high regards. I would highly recommend 1300driveways.”

Shejin Antony, Clyde

“Prompt response to quote request, timely inspection at appointed hour, and good suggestions to complete the job when work commences. Professional approach to potential customers- impressive.”

Kevin Ryan, Mitcham

“Adriaan’s service and response to our requests was amazing, will recommend the team to everyone.”

Andrew Huder, WO Longmuir
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Frequently asked questions

What is the Exposed Aggregate Concrete process?2021-06-07T05:21:00+00:00
  • STAGE 1: Excavation, Boxing up, Crushed Rock and Reinforcement Mesh installation

    Your site will be excavated, and any excess soil is removed. Timber form work will also be laid around the area to be concreted. Steel mesh will then be placed within the area to be concreted. Any drainage requirements are also completed at this stage. The time frame on for this stage depends on the size of your job.

  • STAGE 2: Concrete installation

    The concrete will be barrowed, pumped or spat into position to be spread, screeded, and edged all in one day.

  • STAGE 3: Exposing of Aggregate – (Only applies to Exposed Aggregate Concrete)

    The concrete will be left to cure overnight and then be cleaned off using a high-pressure cleaner exposing the aggregate.

  • STAGE 4: Cutting of Expansion Joints

    The cutting of expansion joints “Control joints” are cut the either the same day as exposing the aggregate or up to 5 days after the pouring of the concrete depending on the weather conditions and the mix chosen. Control Joints are a necessary part of concrete and help allow your concrete movement.

    Cuts are placed in the areas that have a high potential to crack and generally every three lineal meters of concrete.

  • STAGE 5: Sealing

    Sealing your concrete is a process that will enhance the colour of your concrete giving it a glossy shine, but its benefits are in protecting your concrete from external stains associated with dirt, oil and grime.

    Sealing your concrete can only happen when the concrete has completely dried from the cutting and cleaning stage. Sealing may happen on the same day as cutting and cleaning or in the following days, depending on when it is dry.

Do you just do Driveways?2021-06-07T04:46:47+00:00

We do all types of concrete in all areas, pathways, backyards, pool surrounds, crossovers, footpaths if its concrete we will do it!

Are you insured?2021-06-07T04:41:43+00:00

Yes we are. We have public liability insurance cover in the amount of $20,000,000.

How long will my job take to do?2021-06-07T04:42:48+00:00

Depending on the size and specifications of your job anywhere between 1 and 7 days.

When is the best time to get a quote?2021-06-07T04:42:08+00:00

If you are building a new house approximately 4-6 weeks prior to handover.

Do you have samples?2021-06-07T04:46:29+00:00

We can bring samples to our onsite measure and quote; we also bring a comprehensive colour brochure with a list of jobs in your suburb so you can see first hand what your mix will look like. We strive to make colour choice as easy and effective as possible.

What are your warranty terms?2021-06-07T04:29:29+00:00

We offer a 12-month warranty on workmanship and a 7-year structural warranty.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete – A few of our recent projects

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