Coloured Concrete

Coloured Concrete Driveways in Melbourne

Want to give your driveway a vibrant look that upgrades the appeal of your entire property?

Our colour concrete solutions are second to none and give you the flexibility to adorn your driveway in the most striking way. From the grey concrete driveway to a charcoal coloured concrete driveway, we have amazing options to choose from. With the diverse concrete driveway colours that we have, you can build the perfect driveway in Melbourne.

With our wide concreting experience, we have a thorough knowledge of the coloured concrete driveway that will best work for your property. Incredibly durable and stylish, our colour concrete solutions are very popular and we assure you of an unbeatable result at competitive prices.

Coloured Concrete with inlaid pavers

Want to explore the concrete driveway colours that we have for you?

We are aware that every space has its uniqueness and our goal is to preserve the distinct look of your property while elevating its look. We take the time to understand the exact needs of our clients to offer coloured concrete solutions that will best work for you. We take pride in our workmanship and assure of delivering results that will meet or exceed your expectations. To give you a great outcome within the desired budget and timescale is our goal and you can have the peace of mind that your project will be handled by a capable team.

Benefits of Coloured Concrete Driveways

  •   Maintains colour
  •   Hardwearing
  •   Makes cleaning easier

Depending on the requirements of your job, the ‘hardener’ or oxide can be mixed into your concrete prior to pouring (colour-in-the-mix), or can be worked into the top layer of your freshly poured concrete (top-colour).  Once the concrete has been installed, we will apply two coats of coloured sealer to achieve a rich colour with a glossy finish.

Ask our team to advise you on the recommended method for your job at the time of your quote.

As concrete naturally expands and contracts in the outdoor conditions, concrete will want to move and crack. Expansion Joints are either trowelled into concrete at the time of pour, or are cut by a concrete saw after installation and are spaced across concrete areas to help ‘catch’ the cracks and reduce the risk of unsightly cracks through your concrete.

For all your needs for coloured driveway in Melbourne, look no further. Get in touch with us today.

Available in a choice of 30 colours

The colours are only representative of the actual products. The colours shown are as close as possible to actual colours that the printing process allows.
Amazing work and great attention to detail.
Atkinson Pontifex
Great service, on time, clean workers and concrete turned out awesome. Highly recommend.
Matt Brown
2018 Customer
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